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Why did I start

It's taken me a while to actually put pen to paper and write this. I wanted to go deep with inspirational facts and life lessons and all those things you see on Pinterest and Instagram. Then today I realised I've spent too blooming long procrastinating and just need to bite the bullet and start.

(Bear with me as I find my way through blogging with you, it’s all new to me, so feel free to send tips, advice, suggestions and questions!)

So why did I, a normal guy living in a Birmingham suburb, start an ethical homeware company?

Well, to keep it simple, I was pissed off.

Maybe pissed off is too strong. Maybe I was disappointed. But I think I was both. I’d been working in retail for several years, working my way from shop floor assistant in a huge department store, to managing premium womenswear, then moved to manage two charity shops and then an independent interior design and lifestyle boutique. I started in fashion and ended up in homewares, but no matter than area, I got annoyed at how unethical the industry is. From fast, throw-away fashion to unsafe working practices, a wasteful culture and terrible treatment of people. Honestly, I love retail, but my God is the industry screwed up!

Over time, I got more and more annoyed at the damaging and negative impact the entire industry is having on its workers and the environment. At the same time, like so many of you, I was educating myself on how I can live a more conscious lifestyle. But when trying to find ethical products that suited a modern, city-styled life, I really struggled - I didn’t want to live only with hemp products and (boring) brown homeware! And that’s when I decided to do something about it.

I’m a designer at heart, having an art degree and experience in interior design, so decided to take these skills, throw in a bit of retail experience and combine them with a lot of passion, to make a better shopping experience. And so, was born. Your new home for a stylish, ethical lifestyle.