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Olive Oil + Vinegar Dispenser Bottle

Olive Oil + Vinegar Dispenser Bottle

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Who gives a toss

Easy pouring Oil / Balsamic / Vinegar Dispenser

You don't make friends with salad

Except this time, you will!

Italian, French, Ceasar...make it fresh, build it high, then use this beauty to smother your fave dressing all over it. Don't forget our invite!

All the holiday vibes

Cork and ceramics both have a strong tradition in Portugal, where this is handmade by talented craftspeople.

Wonder cork

Sustainable, renewable and recyclable. Cork is harvested once every nine years without felling trees. 

Cork oak forests are the lungs of the environment, the economy and the society of Mediterranean countries. In Portugal, where LIGA's cork is sourced from, is the largest cork oak forest area in the world, the cork oak is the national tree and has been protected by law since the 13th century.

A growing awareness of the value of the ecosystem of the cork oak forest has led to important initiatives in reforestation and the systematisation of good practices. It is a way of ensuring the future as two new cork oaks are planted for each old cork oak.

Size: H21.5 W7.5cm
The Cork and Ceramic parts sit well together and easily come apart for practicality and ease of cleaning. Ceramic - Dishwasher Friendly & Cork - handwash.

About LIGA

Noun: a league of people united in purpose to love eco living.

We design elegant eco homewares for everyday living.  

Drawing our inspiration from nature, we create products that evoke the spirit of coastal living and bring a natural sense of balance into the home.

Beautiful. Practical. Mindful.

We acknowledge our responsibility and debt to the environment by championing sustainable, recycled and organic materials. That’s why our  products are made with sustainable cork, which is harvested once every nine years without felling trees. Our cork enhances your home while allowing endangered wildlife to keep theirs.