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Our Story

Modern design for conscious living.

noteworthy.style is a store and styling experience, selling homewares to enhance wellbeing in city homes and work spaces.

We are all trying to find balance in our lives amidst rising house prices, unstable careers and unclear environmental and social futures. After a long day at your inspiring workplace, returning to a house or flat that brings more stress and uncertainty dials up all those anxieties and tensions. If you can't find peace of mind and happiness in your own home, where do you go?

I create holistic spaces that prioritse wellness and values, without compromising on style.

Creating a home centred around wellbeing is no longer a luxury - it has become critical to our health. A holistically styled environment gives you the freedom to be the secure, connected and confident person you know you can be. You can be ready to take life's opportunities and handle your shit.

What do I do?

  • I work with you to create harmonious spaces in your home and/or workplave. An urban sace that taes care of your whilst you take care of it with responsible and sustainable products.
  • Sell homewares and lifestyle products that are sustainably sourced and ethically made.
  • Share knowledge on how to style your own space.


Meet Tom

Tom's journey started at art college, where he specialised in interior design and wellbeing; creating sensory rooms that supported mental health through design and function. Little did he know that his path would take him full circle. Tom's career has been a rollercoaster of enlightening opportunities, from supporting mental health groups run by Mind, running bereavement camps for children's hospices, to partnering with Crisis to give homeless people training and qualifications.

Tom's purpose-led journey brought him to create noteworthy.style - a store and experience that brings forth his vision that the spaces we frequent most should work with us, not against us. These urban spaces should reflect not only our personality but our values. Imagine a space that moves in harmony with your emotions. A room in your home that can both encourage serenity after a late night at work or spark excitement and fun when you're hosting dinner with your friends. Imagine a workplace that can deliver the perfect atmosphere for inspiration or a zen vibe in times of high stress. All of this can be created using sustainably sourced products - it's a beautiful mutual respect.

No matter the story, values or sentiment that brings you here to us at noteworthy.style, we're focused on listening to your needs. We are going to help you create urban design spaces for conscious living because we can all live and work in harmony with our environment.