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Our Story

We're noteworthy.

And we're on a mission.

We believe living ethically shouldn't mean living boringly. We also believe that doing good shouldn't mean not being stylish.

That's why we bring you contemporary products, designed for modern living, that have been made by ethically and environmentally conscious communities. 

Meet Tom

Tom spent 10 years working for charities and good causes. His CV is unusual to say the least. He's been a teacher, managed accommodation blocks, worked in children's hospices and been a doorman for homeless projects! After leaving one charity he found himself unemployed and picked up a part-time retail job to pay the rent. Luckily, he loved it. He spent 5 more years finding himself, working through high-end fashion, charity retail and independent home and lifestyle brands. After managing multiple stores he became frustrated at how unethical the industry is. And so was born, providing stylish, modern products, for customers with a conscience.