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Our Values

All our items are noteworthy. They have something special about them. Something that does good, without compromising on style.

Dedicated to our social and environmental responsibilities

I believe unethical business is bad business. All businesses have a responsibility to evaluate their ethical status and take action on improving it. Giving back to the community is as important as minimising our negative impact on the environment.

Delivered with style

Who said you have to compromise on style when you're making conscious decisions? Not me! Our customers don't have to leave their personality at the door on their ethical journeys. I certainly won't be.

Celebrating individualism

Retail and design, especially the conscious industries, can be a privileged and alienating place; I'm here to challenge that. We know that to build a better future we all have to be in it together.

Strengthened by transparency
I don't believe the customer is the only person we need to consider in business. Everyone in the supply chain should be regarded as integral, equal and part of our global community. We achieve this through respect and transparency.


Each product and supplier must live up to at least one of our ethical requirements. But the more the better!




Our "David Attenborough friendly" products are organic, sustainable or recycled. We also look out for ethical dyes, local manufacturers and anyone who helps reduce our ecological footprint.

We don't sell any fur or exotic skins. Leathers are ethically sourced and   by-products of the meat industry. Beauty products and fragrances are never tested on animals. Vegan products clearly labelled.

We believe everyone should be treated fairly. Your style shouldn't be at the expense of someone else's health or wellbeing. We ensure everyone in the supply chain is treated and paid fairly.




We work with designers and makers, artists and small businesses, social enterprises and community groups. We give opportunities to individuals and communities, making life better for themselves and others. We especially like products that reduce the impact we all have on the planet. Quality is key and products are designed to last the test of time. Charity and social responsibility is very important to us. We encourage suppliers to give back and think about their responsibilities. But this alone isn't enough for us. If a maker or supplier doesn't work ethically, produce sustainably or treat people fairly...they've got more work to do!